Level of Commitment to Goals

Post your response to the following: You have made a life-changing decision of earning a degree. It may change your opportunities in life and your ability to earn and obtain the career you want, but it takes a significant commitment. What is the level of commitment to your goal?

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In my Bible, there is a sticky with the simple word “Priorities” at the top. I forgot exactly where I heard that it was good to do this but nonetheless I live my life by those priorities or at least try. They go like this: #1 God, Wife, Children, Immediate Family, Extended Family, Friends, Everyone Else, Job/College, Myself. I admit that when I made this list I did not follow it closely at the time. This list was more of an ideal-self sort of thing. As I have gotten older though I have found that my priorities have come to model this list more and more. As you can see College is second to the last on this list. In and of itself College does not take priority over my family, My Savior, or anyone else. However, the priority of college does play significantly into the priorities of family, God, and everyone else. You see I want to obtain my degree so that I can better support my family financially. I want to obtain a degree so that I can become a teacher and help young people become more than they are. I want to obtain my degree so that I can be a help to others in need. In that context, college becomes one of my highest priorities because it incorporates many of my most cherished priorities. I would say that my level of commitment to my goal to continue college is very high.

How has, or may this commitment to your goal help you in difficult times?

In fact, we are having difficult times right now. My wife’s paycheck was not what it should have been because she is training for a new position right now. She does not get paid for training because she is part of a temp service. We are able to keep going because we know that one day this commitment will deliver on its promise and make us economically prosperous.

What specific changes have you made in your life to ensure that you will complete this commitment to yourself?

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This is my second time to enroll in college at Phoenix. The first time I was working while I was going to school. While going to school though I became the manager of a site and my responsibilities increased dramatically. This raise came with a salary and more hours. I had to drop out. I simply did not have the time to do everything that I had to do. A year later I quit my job and my wife went to work so I could go to college and complete my degree. I stay home now and take care of my three children, home school my youngest daughter, and go to college.


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