Fostering Hope Presentation

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Slide 1 Notes

As I read the opening section to this chapter I had to admit that I sympathize most with Martin Luther when he said, “Everything that is done in the world is done by hope” (Bolt, 2004, 159). Hope is that mechanism which can bring about the future in our minds before it is manifest in the world.

Slide 2 Notes

I have used the ABC’s referred to in our text many times in my life (Bolt, 2004). The way that we react to adversity really does effect our beliefs. It really all comes down to how we encode certain situations. For instance, I could miss a bus in the morning on the way to work. Now I can encode that adversity as a negative event. By encoding this event as negative it will bring about stress in my life. However I can take advantage of this adversity and turn it into an opportunity to catch up on some reading on the way to work. Sure I might be late, but I have so many late days a year and I haven’t used any yet. By adapting to the circumstances I am able to foster a belief that no matter what happens I will be okay, which is I think the root of optimism. 

Slide 3 Notes

I have used the tool of visualizing success in order to bring about hope throughout my life and have not even known it. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in high school. I have taught Sunday school classes, homeschooled my children, and taught vacation Bible school. I know that I would be a good teacher and that I could handle the stresses much more efficiently than most teachers. When I am getting ready for bed or when I wake up in the morning and am just sitting there I sometimes think about what it is going to be like when I am a teacher. I think about how I will react in certain situations. I have children so I know the line of thinking that most children follow. I envision myself becoming that inspirational teacher that students come to visit long after they have graduated. I had a world history teacher when I was in school. He really inspired me to develop my talents and become more than I was. When I become a teacher I will go back to my old high school and find him. I will tell him that I became a teacher in large part because of the example that he provided me with when I was in high school. I want to be that teacher for someone.

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Slide 4 Notes

I spend most of the present dwelling on the future. I know many people who dwell too much on the past and many who are consumed with the present. I have found it much more beneficial to think about the future, because truth be told the future is the only thing that we can change. I have used the tools of optimism and visualizing success many times in my life. I tend to dwell on the future as an optimistic future, rather than a negative or even realistic future. I try to only see the good in the future. The bad will always be there right around the corner, but there is no reason to dwell on it. I also have actively visualized my success in the future for many years, without which I don’t know if I could have made it through some weeks of college. It is the future that drives us to excel in the present and overcome our past.

Slide 5 Notes

Bolt, M. (2004). Pursuing human strengths: A positive psychology guide. New York, NY: Worth


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