A Negative Self-Schema and Social Interactions

Post your response to the following: Explain how having a negative self-schema affects one’s social interactions.

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Well, from what I understand, self-schemas help fill in missing information and simplify incoming data. I would be particularly worried about a negative self-schema when it comes to filling in data. With a negative self-schema, someone might see something that is not really there. A person might not pay attention to them during a class, someone they were interested in. As a consequence, the person might fill in the missing information as, “They don’t like me”.

How does social intelligence affect one’s responses in any given situation?

Social intelligence helps to inform us of who the self is, who others are, and the self and others interact. Therefore social intelligence affects every response in a quite profound manner. Declarative-semantic knowledge informs us about certain personality traits, such as trustworthiness, in ourselves and others. Whereas, declarative-episodic knowledge helps us determine traits in a given setting, such as a party.

How might a person’s self-guides impact his or her perspective on the world?

Self guides seem to elaborate on both the actual/perceived life position of a person and their goal life position. Therefore if our ideal self is set very high, meaning a highly moral, successful self, then our ideal/other self is probably set high as well. This can influence our choice of friends, spouses, and amount of family interactions. In essence, we could see ourselves as better than others because of our high standards for our ideal/other self.

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McAdams, D.P. (2006). The person: A new introduction to personality psychology. Danvers, MA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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