Describe Each of the Five Basic Dispositional Traits

Post your response to the following: In your own words, describe each of the five basic dispositional traits. Then, select one of the adjective pairs listed in the table for each of the five trait categories in Table 1.2 and describe where you think your personality falls in the spectrum of each adjective pair.

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Extroversion covers the realm of social behavior and social interactions. I think it seeks to describe levels of ease of interaction in social settings. Agreeableness has to do with a person’s encoding methods and their general attitude towards others. Neuroticism is a section that covers the effects of self-esteem vs. self-concept. Conscientiousness entails the aspects of reliability and perseverance in reference to personal achievement. Openness to Experience includes our imaginative capabilities and thought life.

Extroversion (Affectionate-Reserved)
I am extremely reserved around people that do not know me personally. In those types of settings, I prefer not to talk over being friendly. However, around people that I know, I am extremely extroverted. I say what I mean and I a mean what I say. I am very opinionated on subjects such as religion and politics (i.e. the things you are never supposed to talk about with family).

Agreeableness (Sympathetic-Callous)
I do tend to be callous in most situations. This is probably an expression of my particular world view, which states that we are all responsible for our own actions. Therefore if something happens, indeed almost anything, it might not be my fault but there was something I could have done to avoid it altogether.

Neuroticism (Nervous-At ease)
I am generally extremely nervous when I am outside of my element. I am fine talking in front of many people, like in meetings or conferences or something like that. I just get nervous when I am around people that I do not know very well in a one-on-one situation. I am most at ease when I am in my home, hence distance learning.

Conscientiousness (Careful-Careless)
I guess I am a rare breed of both. I can be extremely spontaneous but at the same time, my life is very structured. I work on an internal schedule that keeps me on track, but I can also let it all go and go do something fun.

Openness to Experience (Creative-Uncreative)
I am not crafty at all, not sure if that is exactly the right word. I cannot make things out of wood, thread, or anything else. I am more of a thinker. I can create words if there were ever such a thing.

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McAdams, D.P. (2006). The person: A new introduction to personality psychology. Danvers, MA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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