Integrate Multiple Theorists: Cognitive Theory vs. Psychodynamics

Post your response to the following: Integrate multiple ideas from theorists you have studied during this course to construct your own personality theory.

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I have always leaned more towards behaviorism and away from psychodynamics and cognitive theory. After this class though I have started to incorporate social-cognitive theory into my preferred means of understanding human behavior. I am big on perspective. I am forever telling my children that there are always two sides to every story. The filters, templates, and perceptions that we possess affect our understanding of the world at a fundamental level. To that end, my theory of personality would entail the environmental and cognitive impact on personality traits. I see personality traits as malleable characteristics which fall in the domain of human control. Rather than personality being determined by genetically inherited traits, personality traits are a derivative of normal human development. Cognitive theory would play a part in this theory as well. For even the templates by which we filter the world around us are under our control according to my theory. Now I am sure that subconscious mechanisms work beneath the surface, as Freud proposed. I just think that even those mechanisms can be manipulated by human will. In my view we are masters of our world and ourselves, and possess the ability to manipulate both in any way we see fit.

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McAdams, D. (2006). The person: A new introduction to personality psychology. (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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