How to Use Senses to Enhance Sexual Relationships

Post your response to the following: Consider a couple that has been married for over ten years and is experiencing a lack of romance and sexual interest in one another. How might this couple use their senses to enhance their sexual relationship? In your participation, choose which of the techniques described by others in the class would be most appealing to you if you were in the situation of the couple described above. Explain why you chose these techniques.

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I have always preferred social-learning theory and behaviorism over Freudian psychoanalysis or social-cognitive theory. I guess because I can relate better to experience-related growth than unconscious mechanisms. To that end, I think that a couple in that situation should employ social-learning theory in order to overcome their stagnate sexual relationship. They should sit down and decide on some specific scents or music that should be employed before intercourse. In some of the other classes, I have seen how dogs can be trained to salivate when they hear a whistle because they have become accustomed to hearing the whistle before they eat. This is much the same thing. As the couple begins to connect the music or scent with sexual intercourse, sexual arousal will become automatic rather than a chore. This tactic though presupposes no other relational or psychological problems are at play in the relationship; that they are simply having a problem with their sex life unrelated to any other part of their life. I realize that this scenario is very unlikely because, as the video explained, sexual problems are more likely than not psychological in nature. Therefore, this could maybe be a second step to some type of clinical therapy where the couple works out whatever difficulties they are having in their relationship.

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Finchner-Rathus, L., Nevid, J.S., Rathus, S.A. (2005). Human sexuality in a world of diversity, sixth edition. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

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    1. I considered not posting the papers from this class. It was all about the psychology of sexuality. Some of the information in this assignment was very personal, but it is always better to be open and honest on almost every occasion. Thank you for the comment and thank you for reading this post!


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