Personal Sexual Techniques

Answer the following questions.

  • What sexual techniques are familiar to you?
  • What questions do you have about sexual techniques?
  • What sexual techniques make you feel uncomfortable?
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I admit that I have always preferred the male-superior position. This position gives me the opportunity to direct our sexual activity during intercourse. I have been married to my wife for several years, so we are very familiar with what stimulates the other person. My wife does prefer the female-superior position, but only if she is rested. She works the night shift so she is tired when she wakes up in the late afternoon. We have also enjoyed the lateral-entry position and the rear-entry position at times but only when we are home alone. We have three children. We both also enjoy oral-genital contact, but this type of sexual activity was seemingly forbidden when we were younger by social conformity.

I do not have any questions about sexual techniques. There is not anything that I have read in this chapter about sexual techniques that I did not already know. I was surprised to learn about the Latin pre-runner for masturbation. Apparently, since the birth of the name itself, it was forbidden. That is very interesting.

I was reading in a chat room once that a woman can wear a prosthetic penis and engage in anal sex with men. Whether it be by social pressure, personal values, or life experiences; I am very homophobic. I have no problem with homosexual people. In fact, my wife and I are friends with several people who adhere to a homosexual lifestyle. I am just very protective of my own heterosexual nature. I would not be comfortable with this type of sexual technique.

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Finchner-Rathus, L., Nevid, J.S., Rathus, S.A. (2005). Human sexuality in a world of diversity, sixth edition. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

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