Questions to Learn More About a Person

Write ten questions you would ask to learn more about a person’s problems, feelings, relationships, and background.

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  1. Let me put you in a situation. You are in high school. It is time for the S.A.T.’s. You have studied intensively for several weeks in preparation for the test, and now it is the night before the test. What is going through your head as you get in bed to go to sleep?
  2. Do you have any phobias or what are you most afraid of?
  3. What are your expectations for this interview and what are your expectations of me?
  4. What is the single most embarrassing experience of your childhood, how did you react, and how has the experience affected the rest of your life?
  5. Let me put you in another situation. You are at work and the day is almost over. Your supervisor walks up and asks if you can work that weekend. Please explain to me the thought process that you would go through when deciding to say yes or no. In particular, could you explain to me the feelings you would be having about your supervisor and the company at that exact moment?
  6. In the course of a normal weekday, from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, what is your single most common thought(s)?
  7. On average how many times do you wake up during the night or fall asleep during the day?
  8. Let me put you in just one more situation. You have just made CEO of a Fortune 500 company. (I know, just give yourself a little pat on the back.) You are going to sleep the night before your first day as CEO. Are you A) Sure of yourself because the company would not have appointed you to the position unless they thought you able and capable to fulfill the responsibilities B) Not quite sure of yourself, but certain that you can figure it out C) Stressed because you have no idea how to run a company D) So overwhelmed that you can’t sleep? Also please explain the thinking behind your response.
  9. When you come home from work what are the first three things you normally do when you walk into the door?
  10. When you wake up what are the first three things that you normally do?
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