Scientific Evidence that Supports Evolution

Post your response to the following: Given Darwin’s theory of evolution, what scientific evidence best supports evolution by natural selection?

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One example I found of evidence that supports evolution by natural selection is the rat snake found in the southeastern United States (Evolution, 2005). Regional adaptation has occurred in the several different types of rat snakes found around the country. They are all able to reproduce together, so they are all the same species. However, there are great geographic distances between the various types so they have adapted to their environments in different ways. Some have evolved stripes, other spots, and still other solid colors in order to remain competitive.

Another example that I found was the evidence of homologous structures in humans. There is evidence that the double jaw of mammal-like reptiles eventually became the mammalian hammer and anvil of the ear (Evidence, n.d.). Reptiles have several bones that compose the jaw bone. It is believed that the many-boned jaw of reptiles evolved into the two bone jaw of mammals and the additional bones became the ear bones.  

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