Philosophical Development in Africa, the Americas, and Asia

Post your response to the following question: What are the similarities and differences in the philosophical developments in Africa, the Americas, and Asia?

It was striking to me that all three continent’s philosophies were influenced by slavery. Looking back on the colonial era I do not see much good coming from the colonialist. There were many other ways for them to create empires. I guess they were just too caught up in their own power and money. Just like what Kant had said, and I am paraphrasing, we should not treat anyone as means, only ends. From what I read African philosophy really cannot be separated from colonial thought because they have been dominated by it for so long. There were a few philosophers that have tried to isolate the true African philosophy out of the post-colonial thought but have only had limited success.

The America philosophy is of course dominated by African American slavery and Native American subordination. There are visible scars from the colonial era in America. Slavery is still very prevalent still exert a tremendous amount of pressure on current philosophical thought.

The effect the colonial era had on Asia is much the same as the effect it had on the African continent. It seems that the colonists wanted more to set up a permanent empire in Asia; whereas, in Africa, they were more content with simply colonizing the continent.    


Bruder, K., & Moore, B. N. (2002). Philosophy: The power of ideas (6th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.


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