About This Website

Psych Research Tool is a repository of my college educational experience, which includes academic papers, discussion questions, presentations, and various tools I used on my academic journey. I wanted to put all this on a single, searchable blog, so that new students can benefit from my work and knowledge in academia.

About Me

My name is Coy Stoker and I live in Dallas, TX. I graduated from the University of Phoenix Online with an Associate of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. For my full college transcript go to my LinkedIn profile.

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A Note on Plagiarism

I offer this repository of my papers, discussions questions, and presentations free of charge to the general public; however, I would ask that students not outright copy and paste any of my work without proper citation. Furthermore, it is important to note that I do not possess a post-graduate degree and am not a certified psychologist. This site is really intended to give students ideas about how to start papers and references to pull from to put together their own academic works. I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope that it helps you on your academic journey.

What Is Up With The Crystal Sphere Images?

I have always been fascinated with crystal spheres as an metaphorical analogue of our consciousness and visual perception. First, the image projected on the back of our retina is inverted, just like the image coming through the crystal sphere. The processes of cortical visual perception puts the two images from our eyes together and flips them, seamlessly as it were. Second, our vision is focused on a small, overlapping visual field that is clear while everything else is blurry, just like the background image behind the crystal sphere. Truly, we see the world through an imperfect, complicated apparatus that is only reliable when filtered through the cognitive processes of perception, which are largely built upon pre-existing data. Here are some of my posts related to visual perception!

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