Six Major Categories of Developmental Theories

Briefly describe the six major categories of developmental theories. Explain which category is most similar to your beliefs concerning development and why. The six major categories of developmental theories are Psychoanalytical theories, learning theories, cognitive theories, biological theories, socio-cultural theories, and ecological theories. The psychoanalytical theories emphasize the battle between unconscious and conscious forces, which... Continue Reading →

Freud's Psychosexual Theory and Erikson's Psychosocial Theory

Describe two main psychoanalytic theories, including the contributions and criticisms of these theories. I have always been fascinated by Freud’s psychosexual theory of human development and the ID/Ego/Superego trichotomy. Although I will admit that Freud’s view of conscious/unconscious conflict and repression are very good at explaining some human behavior but cannot be readily isolated as... Continue Reading →

What Factors Affect Language Acquisition

What factors affect language acquisition? Which factor do you believe has the largest influence on language acquisition? Explain why. Your initial response is due by Day 2. It appears that there is a critical period in which language can be easily learned, and that outside of that critical period language is much harder to learn.... Continue Reading →

Primary and Secondary Memory

This week I learned a lot about primary and secondary memory. I had already studied short-term vs. long-term memory in other psychology classes, as well as Ebbinghaus’ nonsense syllables. After reading about the working memory model Ebbinghaus’ theories seem simplistic. The cognitive perspective is supposed to be modeled after our understanding of computer architecture, but... Continue Reading →

What Were You Doing on 9/11?

Why can you remember what you were doing when catastrophes occurred (e.g., terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, the Challenger disaster, assassination of John F. Kennedy)? Your initial response is due by Day 4. I think this goes back to our understanding of the way in which long-term memory, or secondary memory,... Continue Reading →

Is Attention a Limited Resource?

Is attention a limited resource? Explain why or why not. Your initial response is due by Day 4. Attention is a limited resource, as far as awareness is concerned; however, the processing of physical characteristics and even some processing of semantics takes place all of the time below the level of awareness (Willingham, 2007). So,... Continue Reading →

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