The Sexual Response Cycle

Use your own words to complete the table below with the experiences and changes in anatomy of males and females during the various sexual response phases.

Styles of Love

Compose two scenarios, each depicting a different style of love between two people. How are these two styles of love similar? How are they different? Tell which style or styles of love have been prevalent in your life. Provide examples. I found possessive, excited love (mania) and selfless love (agape) the most interesting (Rathus, Nevid,... Continue Reading →

Personal Sexual Techniques

Answer the following questions. What sexual techniques are familiar to you? What questions do you have about sexual techniques? What sexual techniques make you feel uncomfortable? I admit that I have always preferred the male-superior position. This position gives me the opportunity to direct our sexual activity during intercourse. I have been married to my... Continue Reading →

Methods of Contraception

Tina and Dan are considering various birth control methods. They are a newly-married couple who practiced abstinence before marriage and plan on starting their family within a year. Choose possible methods of contraception for the couple and discuss the advantages and disadvantages they would need to consider at this point in their lives. The two... Continue Reading →

Sexual Behaviors Associated with Stages of Development

Post your answers to the following: Many parents do not have a background in childhood development and may not recognize that there are normal childhood sexual behaviors. In 200 to 300 words, review sexual behaviors associated with the stages of childhood development. Include in your discussion examples of behavior related to the following stages of... Continue Reading →

Effects of the Media’s Portrayal of Sexuality

What are the effects of the media’s portrayal of sexuality on adolescents’ sexual lives? What are some negative and some positive effects of the media’s portrayal of sexuality? How has the media’s portrayal of sexuality affected your life? The effects of the media’s portrayal of sexuality on adolescents’ sexual lives are multifaceted and complex, psychologically... Continue Reading →

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