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  • It appears that there is a critical period in which language can be easily learned

    What Factors Affect Language Acquisition

    December 14, 2019 by

    What factors affect language acquisition? Which factor do you believe has the largest influence on language acquisition? Explain why. Your initial response is due by Day 2. It appears that there is a critical period in which language can be easily learned, and that outside of that critical period language is much harder to learn.… Read more

  • The cognitive perspective is supposed to be modeled after our understanding of computer architecture

    Primary and Secondary Memory

    December 13, 2019 by

    This week I learned a lot about primary and secondary memory. I had already studied short-term vs. long-term memory in other psychology classes, as well as Ebbinghaus’ nonsense syllables. After reading about the working memory model Ebbinghaus’ theories seem simplistic. The cognitive perspective is supposed to be modeled after our understanding of computer architecture, but… Read more

  • Events that occur in close proximity to significant events

    What Were You Doing on 9/11?

    December 12, 2019 by

    Why can you remember what you were doing when catastrophes occurred (e.g., terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, the Challenger disaster, assassination of John F. Kennedy)? Your initial response is due by Day 4. I think this goes back to our understanding of the way in which long-term memory, or secondary memory,… Read more

  • According to the Working Memory model

    What Strategies May Be Used to Enhance Memory?

    December 11, 2019 by

    What strategies may be used to enhance memory? Your initial response is due by Day 2. I have already studied the idea of short-term and long-term memory, according to Ebbinghaus. Ebbinghaus used his nonsense syllables, that is three letter words made of random letters, to deduce that short-term memory is limited to about 7 literary… Read more

  • The VMPFC and the amygdala act in concert

    The Cognitive Representation of Decision Making

    December 10, 2019 by

    I suppose the most profound bit of information that I learned this week was the neurological nature of Phineas Gage’s accident. I had read about the accident in other classes, but I never knew that we actually knew exactly how the cognitive representation of neurological processes worked. For instance, that the VMPFC and the amygdala… Read more

  • Attention is a limited resource

    Is Attention a Limited Resource?

    December 9, 2019 by

    Is attention a limited resource? Explain why or why not. Your initial response is due by Day 4. Attention is a limited resource, as far as awareness is concerned; however, the processing of physical characteristics and even some processing of semantics takes place all of the time below the level of awareness (Willingham, 2007). So,… Read more

  • We always view objects as if light were coming from above

    How Does Perception Affect Our Thought Processes

    December 8, 2019 by

    How does the way in which you perceive the world influence your thought process? Provide a specific example in your response. What other factors do you think influence your thought process? Your initial response is due by Day 2. I was absolutely intrigued by the discussion in our text of visual perception. In particular, it… Read more

  • We all take for granted that we learn

    Compare The Cognitive Movement With Behaviorism

    December 7, 2019 by

    I covered some things this week that I have learned in other classes, so in part this week acted to reinforce what I have already learned. I did, however, break new ground in understanding exactly how the behaviorist tradition contributed to the cognitive perspective of human psychology. I had already studied the historical events that… Read more

  • A statistical hypothesis only predicts the future

    The Importance and Inter-disciplinary Nature of Cognitive Psychology

    December 6, 2019 by

    Why is it important to study cognitive psychology? How might the principles of cognitive psychology be used in other disciplines (e.g., education, business)? Your initial response is due by Day 4. I think that the greatest shortfall of behaviorism is that it can only hypothesize the future statistical probability of any given behavior. It was… Read more

  • As with what Comte said

    What Is Cognitive Psychology?

    December 5, 2019 by

    What is cognitive psychology? Would you classify cognitive psychology as a hard science or a soft science? Explain your answer. Your initial response is due by Day 2. As I read about cognitive psychology I was reminded of an old Bible verse that I learned in Sunday School: “Now we see but a poor reflection… Read more

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