The Bio-Social Theory of Motivation

I was fascinated this week with the biosocial theory of motivation. I had never before considered that sex differences concerned with strength, side, and reproductive capability could so heavily leverage social behavior. I was particularly interested in the obvious yet profound observation that women are limited in the number of children they can have, but... Continue Reading →

How Does ADHD Differ From Disruptive Behavior Disorder

Post your response to the following: Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a growing concern in the United States. How does ADHD differ from disruptive behavior disorder? How can these two disorders affect a classroom? Do you believe doctors over-prescribe medication for ADHD? Explain your answer. As I was reading about disruptive behavior disorder I was thinking... Continue Reading →

Parenting Styles and Development

Describe how three adults, each brought up under a different parenting style as a child, might cope differently with one of the changes listed in the table in appendix F. The example that I chose might seem a little distant from a person’s upbringing, but I believe it to be perfectly relevant. The empty-nest syndrome... Continue Reading →

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