The Biological Basis for Human Thought and Behavior

Abstract This paper addresses the biological basis for human thought and behavior, within the context of the historical basis of biopsychology, the structure of the brain, the mechanisms of neural activity, and the link between biopsychology and other fields of psychology.  Biological Psychology Paper The structure of the brain and the function of the brain... Continue Reading →

The Physical Body and The Rise of Psychology as a Discipline

How does the rise of human interest in the nature and structure of the physical body related to the eventual rise of psychology as a discipline? Please provide specific examples in your response. I have always been captivated by Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am” quote. I suppose before someone could try to explain, through... Continue Reading →

Which Renaissance Philosopher Contributed the Most to Humanity?

Post your response to the following question: Which Renaissance philosopher do you think developed the greatest contribution to humanity? Explain your answer. I think it is very important to know one’s heritage. It is even more important however to know who created us. It is entirely possible that we are the product of purely natural... Continue Reading →

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