Statistical Tables and Software Packages

How have software packages made statistical tables obsolete? Do statistical tables change over time? Why or why not? If not for the statistical tables and software packages, how would you derive the values contained in the statistical tables? I don’t think that software packages have made statistical tables absolutely obsolete. Statistical tables are learning tools... Continue Reading →

The Five Steps of Hypothesis Testing

List the five steps of hypothesis testing and explain the procedure and logic of each. a. Restate the question as a research hypothesis and a null hypothesis about the population: Population 1 is the population that represents the general population, or at least the general population concerned with the area that the researcher is studying.... Continue Reading →

Explanation of Variables, Distribution, and Symmetry as They Pertain to Statistics

Explain and give an example for each of the following types of variables:Equal-Interval: Variables in which there are equal distances between each value. An example of equal-interval variables would be S.A.T. scores.    Rank-Order: Variables in which the values represent relative standing to other values. An example of rank-order variables would be the order in which... Continue Reading →

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