The Relationship Between Continental Philosophy and Absolute Idealism

This essay will analyze the themes of the Continental philosophies of existentialism and phenomenology in response to Hegelian Absolute Idealism, which is included in chapters eight and seven respectively of Philosophy: The Power of Ideas, Sixth Edition. The relation that Absolute Idealism (AI) has with these two Continental philosophies can be expressed in a simple... Continue Reading →


Philosophy and Belief in God Matching Activity

Match the following to the philosophies and descriptions below.  Use each item only once. St. AnselmGauniloSt. Thomas AquinasJulian of NorwichRene DescartesGottfried Wilhelm, Baron von LiebnizDavid HumeImmanuel KantJohn Henry NewmanSoren KierkegaardFriedrich NietzscheWilliam JamesMary DalyAlvin PlantingaTheodicyBig BangVienna Circlemonadleap of faithReduction proof Answer Philosophy/Description g 1. God’s existence cannot be proved but must be assumed. d 2. We... Continue Reading →

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