Hypothesis Testing Presentation

Slide 2 Notes The research topic that will be addressed is of a hypothetical nature and therefore the data is also largely hypothetical. With that in mind, the comparison distribution is a distribution of means of the 44 pre-k classes in a particular school district. For the past year the school district has kept records... Continue Reading →

The Five Steps of Hypothesis Testing

List the five steps of hypothesis testing and explain the procedure and logic of each. a. Restate the question as a research hypothesis and a null hypothesis about the population: Population 1 is the population that represents the general population, or at least the general population concerned with the area that the researcher is studying.... Continue Reading →

Median vs. Mean Home Price

The median home price in your area has increased in the last 10 years, how does this differ from the mean home price in your area? Well technically speaking, the median (exact middle) home price is the 50th percentile and the mean (sum/x = mean) is the average home price. As I understand it, central... Continue Reading →

Understanding Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation

Chapter 2 For the following scores, find the:Mean: 2Median: 2SS: 56Variance: 2.67Standard Deviation: 1.67For the following scores, find the:Mean: 1312.40Median: 1361 SS: 76089.20Variance: 15217.84Standard Deviation: 123.36For the following scores, find the:Mean: 3.17Median: 3.25SS: .53Variance: .09SD: .30A psychologist interested in political behavior measured the square footage of the desks in the official office of four U.S.... Continue Reading →

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